High School Return of a Gangster (2024)

High School Return of a Gangster (2024)

Other name: 조폭인 내가 고등학생이 되었습니다 조폭인내가고등학생이되었습니다 Jopokin Naega Godeunghaksaengi Doeeossseubnida I a Gangster Became a Highschool Student I a Gangster Became a High Schooler


Kim Deuk Pal is a 47-year-old gangster, who is the #2 guy in his gang. He doesn’t have an educational background due to his poor parents, but he has a dream of attending a university. He has been studying to achieve his dream, but it’s not easy. One day, he sees a young man, Song Yi Heon, about to kill himself. At that time, Deuk Pal’s spirit possessed the body of the suicidal 19-year-old high school student. Deuk Pal soon learns that Yi Heon is a victim of bullying, which has caused him to want to take his own life.



Status: Ongoing

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